Current Issues on GEJ Adenocarcinoma

Posted On 2021-05-12 13:59:11

This series on “Current Issues on GEJ Adenocarcinoma” was edited by Prof. Riccardo Rosati, from Gastrointestinal Surgery Division, Vita-Salute University - San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy.

Surgery is no longer the only way to treat this aggressive disease. A multimodal approach with preoperative chemo and chemo-radiotherapy is the standard care in most cases and the evaluation of the response to these treatments with new techniques such as MRI, represent a new field of investigation and development. Identification and prediction of response to various treatment modalities is a very promising field of research for proper patient selection. An important step forward has also been made with the development of endoscopic resection for early stage disease, avoiding “overtreatment”, leaving intact the esophageal function with a better long term quality of life.

Editorial on Current Issues on GEJ Adenocarcinoma
The cutting edges of esophageal cancer management
Riccardo Rosati

Review Article on Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer
Imaging in evaluation of response to neo-adjuvant treatment
Diego Palumbo, Paola Mapelli, Valeria Nicoletti, Stephanie Steidler, Maria Picchio, Francesco De Cobelli

Endoscopic treatments for early gastroesophageal lesions
Sachin Srinivasan, Nour Hamade, Fabian Emura, Prateek Sharma

The impact of prehabilitation on surgical outcomes
Enrico Maria Minnella, Kenneth Drummond, Francesco Carli

Original Article on Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer
Total gastrectomy versus upper pole gastrectomy for the surgical therapy of Siewert type II adenocarcinoma of the esophagus: pathology may drive the choice
Marialuisa Lugaresi, Benedetta Mattioli, Niccolò Daddi, Vladimiro Pilotti, Luca Ferruzzi, GianDomenico Raulli, Deborah Malvi, Antonietta D’Errico, Roberto Fiocca, Sandro Mattioli

Review Article on Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer
Surgical treatment of Siewert type II gastroesophageal junction cancer: esophagectomy, total gastrectomy or other options?
Gabriel Saliba, Masaru Hayami, Fredrik Klevebro, Magnus Nilsson

Anastomotic leakage after esophagectomy for esophageal cancer: risk factors and operative treatment
Sander Ubels, Moniek H. P. Verstegen, Camiel Rosman, John V. Reynolds

Adenocarcinoma of the gastro-esophageal junction: is centralization policy always a good idea?
Daan M. Voeten, Richard van Hillegersberg, Mark I. van Berge Henegouwen, Suzanne S. Gisbertz

Current approaches to clinical research with respect to esophageal resection: are online clinical datasets the future?
Francesco Puccetti, Madhan Kumar Kuppusamy, Michal Hubka, Donald E. Low

Surgery versus active surveillance in clinical complete response
Giye Choe, Daniela Molena

The series “Current issues on GEJ Adenocarcinoma” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Esophagus without any sponsorship or funding. Riccardo Rosati served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.